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How to Submit Images

(Choose the option that best suits your needs.)

While it is not common, mail does occasionally get damaged or lost. To eliminate these risks, I offer a pick-up and delivery service in the Monroe County, NY area. With this option, you can be assured that your images will be safe and handled with care and respect. The charge for this is $0.25 per mile or you can choose to meet me at a public place near my home at no cost. Text or call me at 585-340-7061


If you are very comfortable with scanning, scan your photo as a color (even if it is a black and white or sepia image) JPEG at high resolution (500 dpi or better). Because of their small size, to get a decent print, slides need to be scanned at a much higher resolution with a film/slide scanner. Your results will be crisper and cleaner if I do the initial scan myself. If you wish to submit a photo by email, complete and submit the form below, then email your scan(s) to

If you do not have a scanner or are uncomfortable with the scanning process and wish to mail your images, please fill out the form below. Print a copy for your records, and mail the form and image(s) to me at:

Rochester Photo Restoration
304 Rogers Pkwy
Rochester, NY 14617

When I receive your image(s), I will assess them and send you a price quote. If you have any questions or are ready to send me your scanned photo(s), please feel free to contact me.